Bhagavad Pariksha


Bhagavad Pariksha (Tests by the Supreme Lord)

“Sri Gaurasundara tests us in various ways,
by putting us in trouble and giving us different types of association”

All glories to Sri Sri Krishna Chaitanya Chandra!


Krishnanagar, Sunday
27th Falgun 1324, 11th March 1918

 Dear ***,

I received your letter yesterday. I learned that you had reached Bangaon. It has been 2 to 3 days since Sriman *** has gone to Kolkata for some service. It has been decided that I will go to Sri Mayapur after he returns. Sri Gaurasundara tests us in various ways, putting us in trouble and giving us different types of association. It depends on the fortune of the living entity, whether one can succeed in passing the tests or not. Sri Gaurahari, by bestowing His mercy, has revealed the eternal truth in the heart of the living entities as the Antaryami, the indwelling Supersoul. Those, who have taken shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Hari and the spiritual master without any duplicity or ulterior motives, never find any sraddha, trust, or faith, arising in the illusory words of misguided people. The unfortunate living entities are deluded by hearing such deceitful words. Please read Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita regularly and hear its undistorted explanations from the real, knowledgeable, and realized Vaishnavas. Our only refuge is the Lotus Feet of Sri Mahaprabhu.

Your ever well-wisher,

Sri Siddhanta Saraswati

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